PÜRE is not simply another cosmetic brand.   Luxury is our mission. Sophistication, excellence, and timelessness derived from the oils of the Argan nut and Prickly Pear seed are the essence. These oils, which now form the basis of our collection, were sold exclusively to our guests at Riad El Mansour, the award-winning boutique hotel in Marrakech for over a decade. With the success and reviews these oils achieved at the Riad, we decided to market the secret richness and benefits of pure Moroccan cosmetic oils to the public. Along with this expansion, we developed other beauty products, each infusing complementary essential oils, all formulated with natural, premium, and whenever possible, organic ingredients.

PÜRE is at the forefront of cosmetic’s design.  We work continuously with experts in the beauty and scientific industries to craft a cosmetic line rich in natural ingredients.  Our objective is to cultivate and enhance the wellness of spirit and body through the use of natural oils and beauty products in a combination that works harmoniously together.  Our in-house Aromatherapist is directly responsible for selecting pure essential oils and natural ingredients and checking the quality of all products that we sell.

PÜRE strives to offer the highest quality of 100% natural ingredients using only distillate and pure unadulterated essential oils and or flower essences in our cosmetic lines, all sourced from their natural origins.   Our organic Argan and Prickly Pear oils originate exclusively from Morocco, while our Baobab, Moringa and Marula oils, come directly from the sub Saharan African continent and many or our essential oils come to us directly from Oman and India, to name a few.  We continuously apply modern processes whilst striving to enhance quality in keeping with old age traditional methods.

PÜRE works in collaboration with various African cooperative and local NGOs (non governmental organisations) in Morocco, Kenya and Zimbabwe in an effort to enhance the quality of life for the women who work the fields in picking and milling our various African oils and their communities by supporting local educational, environmental, agricultural and clean water initiatives.
With every bottle of Argan oil, Prickly Pear seed oil and our African Synergy oil, we give a percentage of our profits to organizations on these countries that directly benefit the women and their families. Two of our favourites are Education For All in Morocco and The Development and Finance Institute for Rural Women Trust in Zimbabwe.

PÜRE: Where we infuse sophistication, timelessness and luxury, encapsulating it all in the bottles of 100% natural essential oils and beauty products that are the PÜRE Essence Collection.